A Question and Answer Site
using the IOTA Protocol.

IOTAQA is a Q&A site where questions come with IOTA bounties
and people can earn IOTA by providing answers.

See a video demo showing IOTAQA in action.


The Tangle is a distributed public ledger that holds both value and data. Q&A pairs are data stored inside the Tangle.


By combining an IOTA payment reward for each question answered, people become incentivized to help others in need.

Use Cases

Homework help, software bug bounties, language translation, home improvement issues, dating advice, financial recommendations, etc.



How it Works

Every IOTA transaction sent to a wallet address has both a data and value component. IOTAQA translates these transactions into Q&A pairs.


A person asks a question and provides a reward bounty. The questioner can accept an answer as a valid solution and make a payment.


Answers are provided for a specific question. If accepted, the questioner will submit an IOTA payment reward.


  • Questions Can Have Many Answers
  • Questioner Decides Whether to Accept the Answer and Pay Bounty
  • Questions are Time Constrained and Expire at each IOTA Snapshot

Question: What is IOTAQA?

Answer: It's a question and answer site with an IOTA payment layer.

Question: Where are the questions and answers stored?

Answer: They are stored in the Tangle.

Question: How much does it cost to post a question?

Answer: Posting is free, but you pay a bounty upon answer acceptance.

Question: How do I check if my question is answered?

Answer: Enter the question address into the "Check" search field.

Question: How do I decide whether to accept an anwser?

Answer: It's at your discretion whether the answer is satisfactory.

Question: How do I answer a question?

Answer: Browse for a question, click View Q&A, then submit an answer.

Question: Can multiple people answer the same question?

Answer: Yes. You can submit until an answer is accepted.

Question: How do I check if my answer was accepted?

Answer: You can look for payment or use the "Check" search field.

Question: Who decides if my answer gets accepted?

Answer: It's up to the questioner whether to accept an answer.

Question: How long does a question stay open?

Answer: Questions expire at the next IOTA snapshot.

Question: What happens if there's a snapshot?

Answer: The bounty explodes and is no longer valid.

Question: Why is a webgl2 browser needed?

Answer: It's used to do Proof of Work.

Question: My browser doesn't support webgl2?

Answer: Try buying a new computer.

Question: Where can I get support?

Answer: Open an issue on github here.

Question: What is IOTA Do?

Answer: It's a todo list with IOTA rewards. See here.